Originally this website started as a photography site to show my progression through GCSE photography and the Digital Arts course I studied at Northbrook College. After college I fell out of love with photography and in 2019 took on an apprenticeship in the Leather shop at Rolls Royce Motor Cars. Once I had settled into the flow of full-time work I started to get a little more involved in photography again, mostly taking photos at Volkswagen shows I attended with my 2003 VW Beetle and the members of VW New Beetle Club UK; However, after show season ended I didn’t pick up my camera again, especially during 2020 with the pandemic still in full force. Both the upholstery course that accompanies my apprenticeship as well as the free time gained from the pandemic, have allowed me to re-discover my other passion, Sewing.

This year, 2021, marks the beginning of Anna Rose Studios, the new title which will house all my creative outlets. I hope to document my growth in both photography and sewing, and who knows, maybe I’ll find some more things to try?

~ Anna Flynn, 20