Originally this website started as a photography site to show my progression through GCSE photography and the Digital Arts course I studied at Northbrook College. After college I fell out of love with photography and in 2019 took on an apprenticeship working on luxury car interiors. Then in 2021, I fell pregnant with my daughter who I gave birth to on the one day we had thunderstorms in the middle of the 2022 heatwave! During my pregnancy I really struggled with morning sickness and lots of pain the whole duration so I found comfort in crochet, and now in 2024 as a Mummy to a toddler, working full-time as an embroidery associate and now a home-owner, crochet is about the only me time I get!

I transitioned from Anna Rose Photography to Anna Rose Studio back in 2020 but never really did anything with it, hopefully this time I will do a little more!

~ Anna Flynn, 23